Institute of Science and Technology

a center of excellence for education
Institute of Science and Technology

a center of excellence for education

Vision, Mission and Objectives


To ensure quality education, maintain sound academic environment and provide services at nonprofit basis in order to establish it as an Award Giving Institution.



  1. To enhance participation of students in business and technology.
  2. Provide a teaching, research, development and training institute for our promising younger people.
  3. Looking forward to some life oriented income generating; self-sustained activities where our younger generation can get involve educating themselves and upgrade their socioeconomic status.
  4. To publish books and periodic journal.


  1. To develop and maintain proper physical infrastructure.
  2. To recruit qualified and experienced teachers on competitive basis.
  3. To select students on merit basis.
  4. To develop and maintain modern CSE, ECE and BBA Lab.
  5. To develop and maintain standard Digital Library system with expert Library Personnel.
  6. To develop and follow teachers and students evaluation systems.
  7. Organized extracurricular activities for students as like- club, seminar, exhibition, games and sports, cultural program, study tour, picnic etc.
  8. Provide scholarship and financial supports to the brilliant and needy students.
  9. To develop and follow rules and regulations regarding salary structure, promotion and gratuity.
  10. To give incentives to teachers and staffs on qualification experience and performance basis.
  11. To establish a system of periodic training for teachers and staffs.
  12. To develop and maintain an IT based accountant and audit department for proper financial function.
  13. To develop and maintain a supportive administrative system with qualified and experience personnel.