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Programming Club of IST (pcIST)

Programming Club of IST (pcIST) is the one and only Engineering club in CSE department of IST, established in 2007. pcIST is the club for students who are interested to build themselves with great skill and quality.  It has devoted itself towards one large goal, ‘To Lead the Next Generation with Glory’, with all the active members of the club. The main objective of pcIST is to promote the CSE students of IST to offer an extensive study of the IT and Software industries of Bangladesh through contest programming, programming language-based courses, seminars, workshops, technical sessions, poster presentation, project exhibition and publications. We encourage students to learn programming, development and want to get creative ideas from them to keep up the pace of our club.

Code Warriors Challenge Runner Up - 2015

pcIST has already begun its journey with very promising results by participating in ACM ICPC, NCPC, NGPC, NASA Space Apps Challenge, Hackathon and several IUPC. We have over 500 memberships from the IST students. pcIST also organize Internal Programming Contest (IPC) every year. Besides, pcIST also organizes event like Gaming Contest, Software Exhibition, and Workshop on programming topics. It organized the TOP-UP IT training program in IST run by the IT Division of Bangladesh Government.

There some major sections of our club are as follows —

  • Contest Programmers Section
  • ICU for Programmers Section
  • Software Support Section
  • Software Development Section
  • Edutainment Section