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Institute of Science and Technology

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Project Paper Submission and External Examiner Evaluation Process [Attention ECE Final Year (8th Semester) Students!]

Dear Students,
As you approach the final phase of your academic journey, we would like to provide you with important instructions regarding the submission of your project papers and the subsequent external examiner evaluation.
1. **Project Paper Submission:**
   – Each student is required to prepare three hard copies of their project report.
   – The report must be duly signed by your project supervisor.
   – Submit the three copies of your project report to the  ECE LAB (room no: 402) no later than 06 September 2023.
2. **External Examiner Evaluation:**
   – The submitted project reports will be sent to an external examiner for evaluation.
   – The evaluation by the external examiner is a valuable opportunity for feedback and assessment of your work.
   – Your project reports will be returned to the department after evaluation.
Key Dates:
– Project Report Submission Deadline: 06 September 2023
Your cooperation in adhering to these guidelines is essential to ensure a smooth and effective evaluation process. Remember that your project report represents your hard work and dedication, and this evaluation is a chance to receive valuable insights from an external expert.
Should you have any questions or require further clarification, please feel free to contact the dpet. of ECE.
We wish you all the best in the final stages of your project and academic journey.