Institute of Science and Technology

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Institute of Science and Technology

a center of excellence for education

Safety Measures

Institute of Science and Technology is taking necessary health and safety measures to help its students, staff, teachers, and community a healthy environment and reduce any threat of infection. We have drafted some policy and introduced systems, amended the pre-covid campus culture so that as soon as the campus opens, students can feel the safe and happy culture in the campus compound
Our regular efforts:

  • Cleaning the campus buildings, classrooms, labs more frequently
  • Providing Hand sanitizer throughout the campus and entrance point,
  • We ensured every room is ready and safe maintaining social distancing and have a limited student-teacher ratio
  • Single Entrance and single exit point
  • Compulsory Queue Making in all general sections (Accounts, Fresh Rooms, Canteen, Library, Accounts Building, Gymnasium, Psychology Center)
  • Introduced appointment systems for any necessary guidance in support services`
  • Face covering is a must inside the campus
  • The University introduced Face covering for the students who need it
  • Initiated the rules No Mask, No Services
  • Appointed Medical Doctor at the campus
  • Encouraging Social Distancing through Banner, Poster
  • Discouraging sharing of any tools, equipment
  • Those who are living in hostels are strongly advised to keep their places clean
  • Circulated some important numbers to remember for emergency health support

We encourage and insist students familiarize themselves with the newly introduced guidelines mentioned below if they plan to visit the campus

Students Responsibility inside the Campus:

  • Adapting to the newly introduced Safety Measures would be new to the students. So it is expected to the DIU students that they will develop the habits and adjust to the new campus environment whenever they visit and get back to campus for regular classes
  • Students should consider the health risk factors for themselves and the community and maintain social distancing (Minimum 2 meters from each during their visit to campus compound. They must avoid the friends gathering and particularly on campus, Hostel and in the canteen. Through this way, they will try to save themselves and their friends and community
  • Students must follow the Govt rules bought at different times to stop the spread of the infection and also follow local law which is applicable to them.
  • If any students feel sick and have any symptoms, he should immediately contact the campus doctor and if requested he will go for a test. Also, go for isolation immediately` The student must contact with Amar hospital representative through the contact point`
  • The students must follow the cleanliness policy of the campus. Such as Use of hand sanitizer, hand wash, Wearing a face mask, follow the foot mark while they  are inside the campus`
  • The Residential student must follow the safety measures at the hostel` They should keep themselves clean and shouldn’t share the living place with others or share just keeping at least 2 meters from others.

Safety & Welfare
We understand that the students are not getting their university campus life as normal as before. Campus life will no longer be the same. They will experience new normal situations. It can be challenging sometimes, and here University authority is working to bring welfare to student life.
Psychological Center and task force:
This unit will work to meet the demand for welfare services among the students. Also, they will work to reduce the risk of mental health disorders which may arise for the pandemic situation` The services are available online

  • Online and onsite counseling services
  • Forum Posting on Mental & Physical Health
  • Online Food Services
  • Amar Pharma for Online Medicine Order

Support for Physical Health

  • We have a full-time Medical Center
  • We have a full-time Dr to support the students
  • We have dedicated bed for students in Amar Hospital
  • We have an AI solution to detect the COVID if you have any symptom

Health Campaign
As part of our responsibility we have initiated a health campaign to aware of all the health issues, take safety measures, and get physical and mental fitness during the pandemic time.

  • Hand wash
  • Social Distancing
  • No Mask No Services