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Dr. Md. Yunus Miah

Deputy Director & Head of the Dept.,
Department of Diploma Engineering
Academic Background
Degree Passing Year Institute / Board Result
M.Sc(Chemical Engineering) 1972 Lvov Polytechnic Institute, Ukraine Ex.USSR Lvov Polytechnic Institute, Ukraine Ex.USSR
Ph.D (Chemical Technology of Fuel and Gas 1986 Azerbaijan State Oil Academy, Azerbaijan Republic ,Ex. USSR Awarded
D.Sc (Chemical Technology) 1992 Institute of Petrochemical Processes, Academy of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan Republic, Ex. USSR Awarded


Name Journal Date
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Hydro refining of diesel distillate (180-350 c) “Neft Gaz”, USSR, 1984, No. 4. p 32,54 Chemical Abst. Vol.101. No.1135516v 1984
Comparative result of the hydro refining of the 65-180c fraction of Siberian petroleum on different catalysts. “Neft Gaz”, USSR, 1984, No.6 p.42-64. Chemical Abst. vol. 101 No. 17415c. 1984
Statistical design of experiments in the solvent refining of a diesel distillate of Siberian Petroleum “ Neft Gaz”, USSR, 1984, No.9, p.45-48 .Chemical Abst. Vol. 102 No. 27837q 1984