Institute of Science and Technology

A Center of Excellence for Education

Scholarship and Assistantship

  • Merit Scholarship ( from SR Fund, RH Fund etc. ).
  • Poor Fund Scholarship.
  • Teaching Assistantship.



Institute of Science and Technology is equipped with a well-maintained library housed with books related to business, science and technology, including the latest trends. With around 10,000 books and journals relevant to the curriculum of the courses offered at Institute of Science and Technology. Institute of Science and Technology boasts of having the finest source of information that enables the students to keep abreast with the latest development in their field of study.



A vibrant learning experience is about more than just classroom sessions. Guest lectures, symposia, seminars and conferences expose students to key insights, new ideas and a chance to engage with peers and experts in discussion and debate. Our 300-seater auditorium facilitates this free interplay of ideas.


Students Clubs

Several clubs are active on the campus, initiated by enthusiastic students with a passion in their related field. Students are always welcome to join these clubs and enhance their theoretical and practical knowledge, along with sharpening their extracurricular skills.




Believing strongly that sports help to keep the body and mind physically active, Institute of Science and Technology provides both outdoor and indoor sports facilities. Institute of Science and Technology organizes sports meet annually and encourages the students to take part in various competitions. IST also has a variety of indoor sports facilities at its campus.